Cornish Treasures

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I'm on half term at the moment so no school (yay!!). As a treat to celebrate I went down to Cornwall at the weekend to visit bestest of all friends Melody. I had such a lovely time as it had been over a year since I last saw her and Cornwall is so beautiful.

We didn't do much, except chat, go for walks and most importantly we went Charity Shop shopping! And my were there some treasuries to be had....

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By vicki brown on 2007-01-28

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So I did eventually make it out of the house to get my ceramics which include these lovelies..

The pendant is in my Etsy Store but the Espresso cup is a gift for my lovely man as he's been looking after me so well of late, and has had some really fab news this week.

I spent yesterday playing with polymer clay and producing these...

They glow in the dark don't you know!!

I cannot tell you how...

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By vicki brown on 2007-01-27

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Horah! My first blog!

I have so many lovely ideas for this sunny saturday but really can't get myself out lazy hangover mode.

I have managed to to post some new items in my Etsy store including some of these lovelies...

I hope to add much more later on today, as I'm going to retrieve some items from the kiln later which is particularly exciting as it's been so long since I did any ceramics.

I also...

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