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exciting times...

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...I have been a fairly absent blogger, but I most certainly have not been an absent gardener the last couple of months.  There are seedlings on every available windowsill in my house, weighing down the shelves of my little green house and even a few outside (though some naughty snail/slug has devoured two of my baby marigolds).

march in the garden

Here is a little list of what is currently growing in some form or...

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Trusses and violas!

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I have some of my first trusses appearing on my tomato plants!

tomato trusses

So exciting!

tomato trusses

I also bought myself a few violas today.


I am completely in love with the black molly sanderson's.

Johnny feels growing flowers is wasted time and space (which is of course nonsense) so I am restricting myself to only edible flowers!

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April 26th 2010...

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April 25th 2010

Planted some new potatoes and earthed up the old ones which, from above the soil at least, look like their doing really well.

April 25th 2010

And discovered a little yellow flower on one of my cucumber plants! 

April 25th 2010

This is very exciting indeed, especially as two of my cucumber plants were moved outside when we literally ran out of room inside and unfortunately have not survived.

April 25th 2010

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Tomatoes when I did all my research on growing tomatoes there were a couple of things I forgot to investigate. Mainly, how big will my plants grow, how successful will my seeds be, how many plants can I really look after/fit in our small terraced house and very small outside space??

The answer to the final question would probably have been, 4, maybe 6 at a push. How many do actually have? Hmmmm about...

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a very busy month...

Posted by vicki brown on I have been fairly terrible at keeping this up to date! In fact completely useless and it has been well over a month since I have blogged!

I have however been super busy planting seeds and tending to the seedlings and my terrace is beginning to look lovely indeed.

I currently have growing...

  • tomatoes (a LOT of them)

  • cucumber

  • spinach

  • carrots

  • onions

  • garlic

  • strawberries

  • various lettuce leaves

  • beetroot

  • caul...

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