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Finding Inspiration :: Easter Crafts for Kids ::

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With spring equinox yesterday and the sunshine starting to warm up, I'm getting super excited for Easter now, with only 4 days of school left until the holidays begin we're thinking about ways to fill our days with springtime themed crafts. I've been spending a lot of time over on pinterestgathering ideas for activities for Milo and I to get stuck in to and decorate our home. Here are some of my...

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exciting times...

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...I have been a fairly absent blogger, but I most certainly have not been an absent gardener the last couple of months.  There are seedlings on every available windowsill in my house, weighing down the shelves of my little green house and even a few outside (though some naughty snail/slug has devoured two of my baby marigolds).

march in the garden

Here is a little list of what is currently growing in some form or...

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January 05 2011 ::

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gardening :: Jan 5th 2011

So I've been a little rubbish at keeping this blog updated, but I haven't really been doing a lot of gardening, so I guess that makes it sort of OK?!

There isn't much happening yet either it must be said, but will a haul of new gardening books from christmas and the promise of spring, very slowly, approaching, I will gradually be sowing some seeds and tidying up my new out door space ready for...

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new seeds and pots...

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Milo and I headed out in the beautiful spring sunshine today to get ourselves some more seeds and pots.  After a lot of time spent picking up various seed packets and after a lot of old ladies had come to admire Milo we finally headed off with our new investments.


I now have...

  • 6 types of tomato

  • thyme

  • chive

  • spring onion

  • cucumber

  • mustard

  • rocket

  • spinach

...seeds to sow.

Hopefully they will find themselves in...

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