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Allotmenting:: And so it begins ::

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and so it begins ::

The seeds arrived a couple of weeks ago now, but with the arrival of some of the live plants this week, I really started to get going on this years growing season. Oh my, it is awfully exciting, so much hope and expectation in each tiny little seed.

and so it begins ::

I purchased the majority of my seeds from these guysthis year, and they certainly look fabulous (obviously I can't vouch for the seeds themselves...

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Trusses and violas!

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I have some of my first trusses appearing on my tomato plants!

tomato trusses

So exciting!

tomato trusses

I also bought myself a few violas today.


I am completely in love with the black molly sanderson's.

Johnny feels growing flowers is wasted time and space (which is of course nonsense) so I am restricting myself to only edible flowers!

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March 4th 2010...

Posted by vicki brown on I have...

gardening 04.03.10

  • planted some strawberry runners (with a little help and advice from some lovely twitter peeps)

  • purchased some seed potatoes and also a bag to grow them in, however the bag is way too big, not too tall but too wide, it won't fit where I want it to without causing a massive obstruction!

  • sown some spinach seeds

gardening 04.03.10

I also have another little sprout! This time it's the green basil-which...

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new seeds and pots...

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Milo and I headed out in the beautiful spring sunshine today to get ourselves some more seeds and pots.  After a lot of time spent picking up various seed packets and after a lot of old ladies had come to admire Milo we finally headed off with our new investments.


I now have...

  • 6 types of tomato

  • thyme

  • chive

  • spring onion

  • cucumber

  • mustard

  • rocket

  • spinach

...seeds to sow.

Hopefully they will find themselves in...

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