Cornish Treasures

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I'm on half term at the moment so no school (yay!!). As a treat to celebrate I went down to Cornwall at the weekend to visit bestest of all friends Melody. I had such a lovely time as it had been over a year since I last saw her and Cornwall is so beautiful.

We didn't do much, except chat, go for walks and most importantly we went Charity Shop shopping! And my were there some treasuries to be had. We came home with a lot but we could have returned with so so much more!! During our shopping time we came across 3 vintage sewing machines, fortunately we both had the will power to resist (well I think Mel helped me out in the will power stakes!).

However I did find myself this wonderful old suitcase, it has woodworm and took me and Melly about half an hour to discover the mystery of how to open it, but I love it! It's also incredibly impractical I used it to bring all my other treasures home and it is very heavy! But I think I'll just use it to store things in and look lovely somewhere...

Some wonderful buttons, which I don't have any plans for as yet....

and a lovely array of vintage neck scarfs which will probably find themselves a new home as the lining of crocheted bags and purses...

I also got myself some yarn and a lovely vintage pearl necklace still in it's original case, I don't think they're real pearls but they are very, very beautiful.

I started painting a picture last night for our bedroom and found it so engrossing, I haven't painted for such a long time and I really enjoyed it (shall post some pictures when it's finished). The rest of this week is mostly put aside for tidying and sorting, and the absolute state of an office/spare room is going to become my ultra organised craft room over the next couple of days! I'm SO excited!

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