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...I have wanted a wormery for such a long time and now we finally have one!  I wanted to make one, but we were lucky enough to be given one of these lovelies for christmas.


I'm a little anxious about the worms though, I'm really worried we going to over/under feed them! But I can't wait to have all that fabulous compost and plant feed, if all does go well! They are living under the kitchen sink at...

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a very busy month...

Posted by vicki brown on I have been fairly terrible at keeping this up to date! In fact completely useless and it has been well over a month since I have blogged!

I have however been super busy planting seeds and tending to the seedlings and my terrace is beginning to look lovely indeed.

I currently have growing...

  • tomatoes (a LOT of them)

  • cucumber

  • spinach

  • carrots

  • onions

  • garlic

  • strawberries

  • various lettuce leaves

  • beetroot

  • caul...

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