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Our kitchen gets a lot of use throughout the week, as I'm sure most do, especially if you have children (they need 3 proper meals every single day you know?!).  But during the week it mostly seems like a chore to be in there.  The preschool rush of breakfast preparation, the post school drop off clearing up all the mess, preparing meals between those school pick up times and the dreaded 5.30 (that point of the day where children become tired little monsters) is never really when I'm at my best as a cook.  On the weekends however our kitchen becomes a whole different place.  There is time for us all to spend cooking, baking and playing. The mr has time to prepare extravagant, long winded recipes (he's a fab cook, but really does require about 3 hours to prepare a meal, oh and someone to go in every 30 minutes to clear up after him to avoid complete disaster).  Milo can bake, with assistance, and come up with his own wild recipes and we can do all these together.

Yesterday was a perfect example of how much use our kitchen can get on a weekend day and how much fun it can be.

First up, we made muffins for a very late breakfast.  Using a selection of fruits which were starting to head past their best, between the 3 of us, we put together a delicious recipe for peach and strawberry muffins, we all loved.

A little bit later on Milo and Johnny held a football match, using the doors at either end as goals.  I try to avoid watching this activity and they do use a very small, soft ball for this purpose, though I'm still not sure I entirely approve.

For lunch Milo made everyone sandwiches, this is favourite thing to do at the moment, other than slicing the bread and depending on what's going in the sandwiches, this is something he can pretty much do entirely by himself and he is very proud of this little step into independence.

Then we covered everything in plastic and set about dyeing some yarn.  Milo has been admiring my recently finished shawls and has decided he wants one of his own, in the colour of fire.  We used Kool Aid, so it was completely harmless for Milo to assist with and had a huge amount of fun.  We even had some dye left at the end so were able to tie dye a couple of t-shirts for Milo too.

I really do love our kitchen most of the time, it's the perfect space for our little family, but during the weekend is when it really comes alive.

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