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Third trimester!
I can't really believe it, yet here I am, 12 weeks to go now.
This week has seen numerous hospital visits. I had to go down last Friday after having horrible pains over night and reduced movements.  I put it off for a bit, feeling quite confident that everything was alright really, but in the end decided it was better to be safe than sorry.  After 20 minutes of baby monitoring it became very clear she was fine, just somehow buried in a place I couldn't feel her moving, though the machine picked up lots and lots of movement and I wasn't contracting,  The pains are still bothering me a lot, the midwife said it's down to round ligament pain.  They're a lot worse if I'm out and about especially if I'm walking a lot.  I guess that second trimester blissfulness is waining now and it's time for a few more aches and pains as my body carries more and more weight!

Then I was back in on Thursday for my gestational diabetes test.  I was sort of dreading this, not being able to eat or drink for over 12 hours, no coffee in the morning, 2 hours hanging around a windowless waiting room.  However it really wasn't that bad, I did very much miss my morning coffee, but the horrible sugary drink they provide you with on arrival helped ease my hunger pains for a bit and I managed a lot of reading and much knitting in the waiting room.  The worse bit was actually the blood tests, not something I'm usually particularly distressed by, but the nurse messed up the first one a bit and it all sort came spluttering out, causing much pain, a big old bruise and fair amount of mess.  It also meant I had to have 2 separate tests taken on one arm which wasn't much fun.  I got the test results back this morning however and all is well, which is a great relief.  The thought of having to curb my sugar consumption and test my blood throughout the day was worrying me a little.

I am not remotely ready yet, I know 12 weeks seems like a long way off, but I'm starting to think it's probably time to pack that the hospital bag and think about washing the mountains of baby clothes I've been so fortunate to be given.

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