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I cannot stop knitting at the moment.  Unfortunately it's not all the old 'works in progress' I originally aimed to finish over Stash Dash, but lots of new things, fortunately I've knit entirely out of my stash at least.

I have 3 finished projects to share with you this week.

First up is my Hitchiker/Brickless mash up from 2 of Martina Behm's patterns.  I am loving Martina's patterns.  I literally cannot stop knitting them.  I am so happy with everything about this particular shawl.  I dyed the yarn myself with Kool Aid and am so happy with the result, there are a couple of patches where the colour jumps a bit more dramatically than I would like, but over all I love the finished look of it.  I'm also really pleased with the beading, this is probably my first 'proper' beaded project and these work so perfectly with the weight of this yarn.  Seriously I am so in love with this project.
I calculated the yardage at 275, though this wasn't stated on the skein so had to do a bit of weighing and measuring, I'm fairly sure it's pretty accurate.

Next up, I knit some socks and a hat for the baby out of some more hand dyed yarn.  This time it was a self striping I dyed up, hoping it would look like strawberries, but it sort of looks a little more like a football team colours or quite christmassy!  Either way, I'm reasonably happy with the result.  The socks are just simple top down tube socks, in the hope they will grow a little with the baby and the hat is a simple hat knit in the round with an icord tail on top.
Yardage is 70.

And lastly, Milo requested a hitchiker for himself, one that looked like fire.  I dyed some yarn on Sunday, a beautiful, perfectly coloured gradient which went from yellow to red over 7 shades, it was wonderful, dyed with Kool Aid, on cotton.  Alas I should have tested this combination first, because as soon as I put the skein in to soak, the colour ran out and the whole thing became the same shade of peach.  Hey ho, lesson learned.  I did have some dye left over so I painted an aran weight merino I had in my stash and the result was this.  I'm not entirely sure it looks like fire (more like Fruit Salad sweeties I reckon) but Milo's happy and that's all that matters.
Yardage is 215.

So my total yardage so far is:
Brickless - 315
Hitchiker/Brickless for me - 275
Baby socks and hat - 70
Milo's Hitchiker - 215
Total - 875 (still a long way off the 5000!!)

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