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Back at the beginning of the year Lucy of Capture by Lucy, launched the Springtime Surprise Project, inspired by Oh Comely's Perfect Strangers Swap last year. The idea was simply to gather some lovely things to ship out to a stranger to make them smile. We were given a few details about our swap partner and a £5 budget, with the emphasis not on spending lots of money, but gathering thoughtful things.

I loved taking part in this so much! My swap partner was The Boy and Me. The little bio I received about her told, me she liked chocolate, reading and crochet. So I made a special trip to Waitrose to hunt out some fancy chocolate, as a chocolate lover myself, it was difficult not to blow my whole £5 on chocolate alone, but I resisted. I then purchased a couple of postcards and that was pretty much the whole £5 spent. However, I had lots of bits and pieces already at home I could add. I made a crochet hook (you can see my tutorial on how to make your own here), included some hand cream I got as a freebie, a little notebook I already had, some buttons and crochet patterns that had come free with magazines and set about wrapping them all up.

It was so much fun to put it all together and I loved doing it, but of course, this probably isn't even the best part, because you then receive a little package all wrapped up lovely from your swap buddy in return!

The Boy and Me did a fabulous job of putting together such perfect little gifts for me, all wrapped in purple inside a sparkly gold box. There were beautiful buttons, a whole bag of them, plus a little box of bottles all filled with yet more buttons, a gorgeous little notebook, I've already begun filling with plans and ideas, a pair of stork scissors and these wonderful little frames, I have no idea what to use them for yet, but my mind is buzzing with crafty plans. Also, not pictured with everything else, because I had already proudly put it on my desk, is this lovely flower covered stone. I absolutely adore the little flower and leaves, so perfect and thoughtful.

Obviously this round is all finished up now, but I think Lucy may be organising another in the future, so if you'd like to take part you can sign up here.

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