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Half a year! What a fabulous half a year it's been. She has changed so much this past month. Very much a world away from that newborn stage now. She's chatty and smiley and inquisitive and generally a pure delight.

We started experimenting with food this past month. Sooner that I would have liked, but she was so eager. I'll write more about how that's been going soon, but needless to say it's fun and messy in equal measure.

I feel like we're finally getting somewhere with sleep now. The main trick I have discovered is not to feed her to sleep. This seems to be a recipe for disaster as then transferring her usually results in a tired, grumpy, wide awake baby. However if I put her down whilst she's awake but showing signs of tiredness she'll gurgle at her mobile, snuggle her cuddly bunny and drift off to sleep. I also realised that by bedtime she was much too tired which was making it tricky to get her to sleep. Now I'm enforcing an afternoon nap and we're having much better results. Also a bedtime routine is now firmly in place, whereas before it was a bit haphazard. All of these are obvious solutions really but sometimes you need a bit of a nudge to get there.

She's just approaching that fabulous stage where she can't move anywhere yet, but is plenty happy to just hang out with some toys. Making my days a little easier and my ability to get stuff done much better. Fingers crossed this lasts a little bit longer as next month my maternity leave ends and I'll need to start trying to do some work again.

Don't think there's much more to report this month, still no teeth but buckets of drool. Fingers crossed they make an appearance soon.

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