Little Gifts For Little Girls

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I should have blogged about these little creations days ago, but it's been so sunny here that I've been taking advantage of it before it inevitably passes!
I've been making presents for my nieces, and I've really loved every minute, there is something ultimately rewarding about making something for someone you love.
With the beautiful fabric a purchased a few weeks ago i made a quilt for the littlest one.

I'm really getting quite addicted to quilt making now, and I think I'm getting better all the time!

I've also become quite fond of this little doll pattern that One Red Robin, very kindly, posted on her blog. It's so simple and yet so very very charming. I've already made two and I intend to make more!

As you can see I'm also making them their own little quilt to share. I'm hand quilting this one, so when it's finished I'll show you how that went!

I've also been playing with a needle felting kit I bought recently, however Graeme's taken the camera away to a gig with him so no photo's to show just yet I'm afraid.

I'll leave you with some sunshine photos, Happy Easter Weekend.

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