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What a very lovely morning I have had. It was a surprise day off work for me today, which was kindly offered to me yesterday afternoon. So today was already a good one before it even begun! Then I got up to discover the UK Sale had begun to have an impact and I had sold 3 items from the shop overnight. (Yippee!)

Unfortunately, as always seems to happen on my days off, the sun is not shining, but hey ho. I've spent the time baking away whilst Graeme joined me in the kitchen painting and listening to John Coltraine.

Tarty also joined us, and tried to help with the baking, by eating anything I dropped on the floor and then going absolutely loopy for half and hour round the garden (too much sugar for such a little one me thinks!).

He wouldn't stay still for a photo, but he was covered in floor and sugar!

And here are the pictures of my delicious creations...



Both of which I can assure you are very yummy as we've just had coffee and treats! Right am off to the post office now and maybe the fabric shop.

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