"Hello Mr Sewing Machine, my how I have missed you"

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It has been quite some time since myself and the above mentioned sewing machine have kept company, but over the last few days we have been getting reacquainted with one another. And what a jolly good time we have had!
Often I think I avoid sewing, because I can get myself in quite a tizzy over the whole process! Compared to all the other crafts I partake in, such as knitting and crochet, I find sewing HARD.
However over the last couple of days I've learnt that it is this which can make the results so very rewarding.
I mean I can sew and I'm not bad at it, I just think perhaps I lack the patience that is required of me. I like projects that I can finish quickly and gain instant satisfaction from, anything that takes more than a couple of days tends to get left to one side, hence the fact my craft room is cluttered with half finished blankets!
It is because of this quality I am so so pleased with this....

A quilt! A whole (all be it small) quilt.

Here are some more pictures, because I am after all so very very proud!

It's by no means perfect and I appreciate it is very simple, but I love it and it's very cosy (although I do keep finding pins still hiding in it!).

So after that great accomplishment I went on to achieve some smaller ones...

I really love these little tote bags, and this is not something that is totally new to me (unlike the quilt) I made lots for Christmas presents last year.
The love heart bag is already for sale in my shop, however the cupcakes still have an unknown future. I really love it and don't know if I could bare to part with it. I was thinking of filling it with lots of cupcake goodies, such as rings and broaches and buttons and magnets and selling it as a super special cupcake treat! The lining is just amazing and was in fact the inspiration for the whole thing. Here's a little snippet for you...

The red bag is still incomplete as I cannot decide what to put on the front. It also has a super cute lining...

I just keep drawing blanks on this one, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Well I'm off to do so more sewing, have a lovely Wednesday.

Did I mention that I made a quilt!!

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