Ummm Lovely Old Books!

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Argh, been an absent blogger the last few days and now have lots to catch up on!
I started a new job this week, hence my lack of computer time. I'm working in a card shop, and so far it has been very enjoyable.
I had lovely last few days of freedom with Graeme.
Kidlington managed to host both a craft fair and a book fair on Saturday, which was just far too much excitement for my little village!

The craft fair not so great (same old stuff) but the book fair was amazing! It was in a Methodist Church and was your typically jumble of book-like treasures at bargain prices that you would expect to find on such an occasion. Here are my two marvelous purchases...

The Beatrix Potter book obviously houses lots of wonderful images, however the Alice book has none which is a shame.

However here are some from Miss Potter herself...

I would have loved to have had a real good rummage through the old children's picture books, however children can be pretty vicious bargain hunters themselves and getting anywhere near the children's section was almost impossible!

Craft wise I made another very satisfying pile of candy type beads....

Apart from a very disastrous attempt at using resin, I won't even bother to show you pictures, craftyness has been put aside a bit so far this week but I intend on doing much more tonight and over the next few days.

So I should have lots more photos to show soon enough!

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