Much more baking!

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What a busy little crafter I have been again the last few days! And I have some very satisfying pictures to prove it!

I made a mountain of beads yesterday....

They just look so lovely all piled up like that! I'm actually selling them in bags of 30 in my shop and sell they have hence my making of so many more!

The white bits glow in the dark which I find so extremely exciting! I made myself this here bracelet from them...

Over the weekend I put together these note cards from some of my favourite pictures....

Today I've been baking again! I have spent all afternoon watching a film about Mozart (Graeme's choice) and making these little lovelies, of which I am very very proud!

The ones above are life size polymer clay replicas of yummy sugar cookies and the ones below are baby versions both are charms and are going to be for sale in my shop.

Well doesn't it just feel like "show and tell" today!

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