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This past weekend, Effie met her Grandad (on my side) for the first time and Milo acquired said Grandad's childhood train track.  I think you can probably guess which of those things Milo would declare the most exciting.

I hadn't seen my Dad and his wife since the summer holidays, so it was lovely to see them and have Effie meet yet more of her family. It's been such a joy having all these people come to see us, Milo gets especially excited, spending at least an hour before anyone's arrival asking if he can go wait on the doorstep for them.

We went to Jamie's Italian for lunch. If you're local Cheltenham and haven't been I thoroughly recommend it, for the courtroom seating and dungeon toilets alone. Though the food is pretty good too!

On Sunday we mostly had a lazy one, investigating Milo's new train set, keeping out of the rain, eating popcorn and watching Jurassic Park, which Milo mostly declared 'boring' much to mine and Johnny's dismay.

All in all it was a lovely weekend.

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