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I should have posted about this a couple of months ago really, but what with being pregnant and all, it just didn't quite happen. However I am pleased to say Deramores are now selling a range of independent designer's knit and crochet patterns, including some of mine, all of which are available as downloadable PDF's.

I'm a big fan of Deramores as it is so having my patterns in their shop is a great honour. Their customer service in my experience has been fantastic, they always ship super quickly and they have a great range of yarns.

One of the other things I really love about Deramores is that I can get cashback on my purchases through topcashback, which when you buy as much yarn as I do is very beneficial. If you haven't heard of topcashback, this is something else that I'm very happy to recommend. Simply sign up, then every time you shop online go to topcashback see if the merchant you're shopping with is on their list, then if they are click through to their site from there. You will then earn cashback on any purchases you make. We use it for everything, let the money build up over the year then come Christmas we withdraw it either into cash or gift vouchers to help with our christmas shopping. You can use when purchasing train tickets, coach tickets, pizza delivery, a whole load of clothes retailers and much more, those are just a few we use most regularly.

Hope everyone's week is going well.

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