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Effie received her Sophie la Girafe toy in her stocking at Christmas. She was a little slow on the whole hand to mouth coordination required for it for a while. She loved the idea of putting it in her mouth and glared open mouthed at it hopeful that I would pop it in for her when presented with it. However now she's got the hang of it she quivers with delight upon seeing it and will actually reach out to take it from you, wherein it will go straight between her squeaky gums for a good old chewing.

So when I was asked to review some of the Sophie la Girafe bath products I jumped at the chance.

Effie absolutely adores bathtime now. She either uses her little chair, which fortunately fits perfectly inside our bathroom sink, meaning we can avoid the backache associated with leaning over the bath, or she comes in with me. She loves both, though now she can sit up, she finds lying down in her a seat a challenge and constantly attempts to sit up. I do think she enjoys sharing more, imagine having a bath the size of a swimming pool! She splashes and kicks and provides the most heart warming smiles.

It took us a while to get into much of a bathtime routine, in the early days we probably managed a bath a week, but we're much better now. I started popping a little bubble bath in a month or so ago, preferring to stick to plain water on her delicate skin in the beginning and she usually gets a little massage in coconut oil after. 

I was sent the Sophie la Girafe Cosmetics bubble bath and the baby oil to review and they smell heavenly. Just the right level of fragrance for little ones. The bubble bath is thick so you only need to add a little to create a beautifully smelling bubbly bath. I won't lie I'm loving using it too and also add some to my bath when I'm not sharing with Effie.
We've been using the oil for after bath massages for a while now and really liking it. I'm very sceptical about putting cosmetics on babies and as I said we were using pure coconut oil before, but as this product has passed the Eco-Cert testing I feel happy that it's safe for Effie's skin. The oil is a lovely consistency, not so thin it flows right off your hand like some I've used in the past and it smells wonderful. I can't really tell you what the scent is exactly, but it smells like babies should somehow! It is divine and Effie is even more delicious after it's application.
Everything about this product is lovely, from the simple, sophisticated packing to it's gentle nature, down to its wonderful scent. It does come in a little on the higher end of the price spectrum for baby products, but their body mass is so small they use so little and their skin so fragile and new that they are definitely worthy of such luxury!
You can see more of the Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics here
We were kindly sent these products to review but all opinions are our own.

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