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Back at Blogtacular in June, I met the lovely Jennie Maizels, who was telling me all about her sketchbook club. I had already been following the Sketch Book club on Instagram and admiring everyone's fabulous work so I so was so excited about being able to take part online.

I was especially excited when Milo decided he wanted to join in too. We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon together working on our pages for the first theme of the course (houses). It was such a nice way to spend time together, his chat throughout was just joyful. We both finished up so proud of our work. Milo even declared at the end of the day 'I've learnt today that I'm actually quite good at drawing, I thought I was rubbish'.

Jennie provides great inspiration, via videos, printouts and gorgeous examples. You can purchase each module individually for £7 or the whole course for £20. I believe there is also a second course in the works. Details here.

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