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Urgh, as the title suggests I am in fact, poorly, it's just a cold, but boy is it getting me down.  I'm now into my fourth day and I've really had enough.
I'm guessing the fact I haven't managed to shrug it off yet has something to do with pregnancy, does pregnancy give you low immunities?
I'm under strict instructions from the mr to do nothing today but relax and sleep, I am not to get out of bed until it's time to do the school run.  I have no doubt he's right and that is exactly what I need, but sitting here doing nothing when there is so much to do, is actually more difficult than you might think.

I've set up camp with lots of crochet, some baby knits in need finishing up, I have a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones to catch up on and the brand shiny new copy of Inside Crochet which just fell through my door, I have orange juice and lemsip and strepsils and karvol capsules and vicks and I'm hoping that a day of nothing will be exactly what I need to get back to normal health, wish me luck!

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