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The baby now weighs as much as a mango, according to my baby centre app.
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about baby size as fruit comparison, for a start I'm no fruit weight expert, but a mango really can vary quite substantially in terms of size.
All is fairly well with the baby as far as I'm aware, you really do get a lot less care with your second pregnancy.  She's moving lots, still mostly flutters, no big kicks or movements yet, although the hiccups can be quite violent!

As for me, apart from the dreadful cold I've been fending off, all is well.  I mean, I'm a hormonal wreck, that can burst into tears at the slightest thing, Milo writing a beautiful message to his best friend on his birthday is the latest to tip me over the edge and I'm fairly sure Johnny won't forget to bring me home chocolate again, after my last reaction to that misdemeanour, but generally I am well.

I had a real moment of 'oh my I'm a having a girl' the other day,  I don't think it had really sunk in before, to be honest, half the time I'm not entirely sure I really believe I'm having another baby at all.
My Mum rang me, whilst sorting out her house for her big move to consult with me on what I would like to keep from the hoards of belongings she has accumulated over the years.  This is a fairly regular conversation we have at the moment.  After my initial cries of 'I don't want anything, chuck it all away', she told me 'I'm not throwing out the dolls house or dolls crib, but you're welcome to either of them'.  Suddenly I had a vision of my daughter, in a bedroom with toys from my own childhood.  It seems so strange to think of another girl joining our boy dominated household.  I'm so used to having a son, I wonder how different it will really be?

Of course I tell myself now, I will not bring her up as a girl, but as a person, she will have no more or less dolls than her brother, but I wonder how easily swayed towards girlyness I will become once she's here?

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