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A couple of years ago, before Milo started school, we dreamed of taking a trip across Europe, visiting various cities and friends along the way. It was going to be spectacular, our first proper holiday as a family and create the kind of memories that stick with you forever. But for whatever reasons, life got in the way, finances were never quite right and it just didn't happen.

One day though I really hope that everything falls in to place and we do manage to take that magical trip, only now of course it will be as a family of 4.

Our plan was to fly out from Bristol to Copenhagen, spend a couple of nights in the Danish capital, before heading over to Billund on the train. If like my son you've a passionate interest in Lego, you'll know Billund is the birthplace of this much loved brick, so our sole purpose of this visit would of course be to visit Legoland.

After exhausting ourselves with an incredibly overexcited boy and no doubt blowing all our spending budget on lego, we would head out to Berlin for a couple of days, then on to Austria.

Followed by a couple of days in Venice, some time in Nice and finishing up with a few days in Barcelona. From Barcelona we would fly back into Bristol.

I've never travelled 'properly' really, though I dreamed of it in my youth. Apart from a couple of visits to Spain and Portugal I've not experienced any other country apart from our own and America. My childhood holidays, as wonderful as they were, were always in the same place in Florida (somewhere I would love to visit again some day), I would love so much to explore these cities across Europe and how wonderful it will be to do it with family.

Exploring unknown cities, visiting tourist attractions, finding fabulous places to eat and drink, all the time making wonderful memories for our children and providing them with all manner of great experiences they'd never have any where else, these are surely what great holidays are made of.  I cannot wait for that time when everything falls into place and we manage to head off on this great adventure we've been dreaming of and planning for so long.

This post is an entry for the #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge, celebrating how flying allows us to make memories and ‘be there’, in association with #Flying100. Find out more at http://www.flying100years.com/

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