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Last week, issue 63 of Let's Knit magazine hit the shelves, displaying my Jessica Sweater on the cover!

I'm crazy proud of this.  I do love this sweater and really enjoyed knitting it (I do love a bit of colourwork), but I never ever expected it to make the cover.  This is only my second ever knitting pattern and my first pattern published in Let's Knit.
This is now my third cover in my short designer life time, I cannot believe how far I've come in such a short space of time, it just goes to show that if you are really passionate about something and put you all in to it you can do anything you want!

Anyway enough beaming.

Today I shall be knitting colourwork...lots and lots and lots :) 

I love this issue, I realise I say that a lot about magazines, but I really really do.  The theme is vintage, and there are some really cute 50's inspired sweaters and a great piece on stranded colourwork, if you've never attempted it before.

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