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Recently Argos got in touch to offer me some furniture to add to my home, as my basement/office was in need of an overhaul I jumped at the opportunity.  I'll be doing a series of blogposts this week showing you what I did with my wonderful furniture.
First up is a little space I have created for the toddler.

One of the great things about having an office so apart from the rest of the house is that I can be away from everyone else and get on with what I need to do without being disturbed, however if just Milo and I home alone, this doesn't work out quite so well.  So I really needed a little spot in the basement just for him, where he can 'work' and I can get on with what I need to do whilst he is occupied close by.

I've also struggled recently to get him doing any kind of crafty activity (well any activity that doesn't involve lego to be honest) so this space away from all his usual toys is brilliant at encouraging, quiet drawing or making.

He has a large wall space to display all his artworks, chalkboard for extra drawing, a desk, the perfect height for him and a desk lamp (this is part of the Habitat range sold at Argos).  The desk opens up and I added a few pieces of scrap wood I had to create sections within it, so he can keep everything neat and tidy and next to that he has a couple of stackable crates, one with play dough and accessories and one full of scraps of paper, glue and other collage bits and pieces.

So far this little corner is working out perfectly for both of us.

Here are the links for the items I received from Argos (unfortunately they seem to have stopped selling the turquoise Habitat desk lamp sold at Argos, but they do now have this gorgeous yellow version) ::


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