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I'm sorry, I'm afraid that once again I fell off the blogging wagon, I didn't mean to, it just happened as Christmas approached and the house moving date loomed and time just started to slip away from me at an alarming rate.

If you've been following me on Instagram you'll probably know we've moved into the new house now, though we are far from being finished with the renovation! Life is still kind of crazy whilst we live out of boxes attempting to finish decorating with a house full of possessions and two little ones 'helping' out. I'm gradually getting back into a sort of routine which doesn't involve daily consultations with tradesmen, sanding floors and attempting to paint walls with a baby strapped to my back (these things are still happening just not daily!).

I'm super excited to be getting back to work, crocheting flat out on my sock collection and sending new submissions to magazines left, right and centre.

Effie becomes more demanding by the day in an 'almost two' kind of a way. She's still as wonderfully delicious as ever, parenting her just needs a little more patience as she grows fiercely independent and frustrated at her inability to tell you what she needs. She's settled in at nursery now and is loving it, which gives me two mornings a week to get on with work, which is bliss.

I have lots to share here I just don't always find the time to actually put words and pictures to the page. At the beginning of the year I chose a word to guide me through 2016, I've done this for a few years now, inspired by Susannah Conway and her Unravelling the Year workbook. This year I choose ASPIRE, I want to aspire to be better at all the things in my life, to be less flaky and more organised, more successful and generally a better business owner, but I think it's relevant here too. With that said, I aspire to be a better blogger!

Look out for a catch up on the house renovation, I've kept weekly handwritten logs of our progress, so I hope to share those here in the coming weeks. I also plan to blog lots about crochet techniques and crochet socks as The Crochet Sock Collection nears it's intended publication date and of course I'm sure there will be many posts on family life and a few crafty tutorials.


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