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So having two children at home this week has been quite the roller coaster (parents with more than one pre-schooler, I am in awe of you). I had so much planned, in terms of blog posts and activities with the babies that just didn't get done. Milo really tested my parenting this week, he's usually such a good kid but this week...there have been some trying moments let's say. We seem to be back on track now at least. 
One craft activity we did manage to sit together and get done from start to finish was this springtime wreath. 

Inspired by similar ones I saw on Pinterest (of course). Milo and I saved our egg boxes up the past few weeks, I set about cutting them into (vague) flower shapes and Milo painted them for me. We then cut out a large circle from an old cardboard box and painted that green. Once everything had dried we glued the flowers on to the circle and we were done. Sounds simple and easy but it took us 3 days and much bribery was required to get Milo to actually sit down and help! But now it's all done he's really proud of it and I love it.

We're now off to Somerset as is our Easter tradition to spend some time with family, hunt Easter eggs and eat lots of chocolate. 
Wishing you all a very happy Easter weekend.

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