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Hoping you all had a glorious bank holiday weekend. Ours was indeed just that. We headed down to Bruton in Somerset on Saturday morning, to spend a couple of days with Milo's Great Grandparents and Grandma, as has become a bit of a tradition for us. It's a beautiful and not too long train journey from Cheltenham, with just a quick change at Bristol, we arrived in time for lunch.

After which we decided to head down to Bruton's new addition the Hauser and Wirth. I was really eager to go and check it out, but Milo was much less convinced. After a little bit of googling however, I discovered they were holding a special event over the weekend. The House of Fairy Tales were going to be there presenting The Giant Ogulon Egg and the Egg Edifiers. So instead of asking Milo if he wanted to go see an art gallery I asked if he would like to go and see a giant egg that had been discovered just down the road. Of course he did!

I was so impressed by the whole event The House of Fairy Tales had put on. The staff were so enthusiastic and Milo loved the whole thing. To be honest I think they had tried to do a little too much, but we were only there a couple of hours, we could have easily filled our day with all the experiments and spell making that was required. The general premise was; a giant egg had been discovered, thought to have risen from the earth and had been laid by the Ogulon, which had travelled here from another planet, choosing Earth to lay it's egg because it heard it's beauty through the sounds of the planets. At least I think that's the story, as Milo has described it to me.

The whole thing ended at the egg itself, which was housed in the centre of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, which is a really interesting thing in itself. The egg had been decorated with clay by all the children (and grown ups too no doubt) who had visited over the weekend. As we visited right at the very end of the last day we were lucky enough to see the egg in all it's decorated glory. It looked wonderful. Milo, being not the most artistic creature, turned his piece of clay into a slug, which was proudly placed at the very top of the egg.

Milo loved it all and was so convinced by the whole thing that he keeps asking why the Ogulon hasn't been on the news and when we'll know if it's hatched. I haven't had the heart to tell him it's mythical yet.

Part two of our Easter adventures is here.

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