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A couple of months ago Gro kindly sent us the Gro Hush to review. I was thrilled because I adore the Gro company and have had a love affair with their products since Milo was a baby.

We always used their sleeping bags for Milo and in fact Effie has just graduated to one of their sleeping bags herself after deciding swaddling was for babies. I also have their temperature egg, which has been in constant use for almost 6 years now and still going strong. Knowing the exact temperature really gives me peace of mind when it comes to knowing how many layers are needed and I love that a quick glance in the night can give me an idea of the temperature because of the colour coding. Even if sometimes, when the heating fails whilst you're away for Christmas, it doesn't provide you with the best news!

The Gro Hush arrived the morning of Effie's 2nd set of immunisations, perfectly timed to be put to the test, later that day. 

Fortunately Effie wasn't especially put out by the jabs but did need a few extra cuddles that evening so I was thankful for the Hush to help calm her down. I was surprised by how well it worked. If she was tearful I put it against her ear and the effect was almost instant, calmness ensued, even if it was only temporary.

The Hush is a clever little machine, with a lovely shape, making it easy to hold with the help of the strap on the back, and hold baby, so you can hold it next to your babies head, whilst it plays white noise. You can choose from 3 different sounds, rain, waves and heart beat, Effie seems to prefer the rain setting. It's deliberately set to a volume safe for your baby's little ears and cannot be altered, so you can feel confident that the sound level is correct. I know you can get all manner of apps which also play white noise, but I'm not sure I feel confident having my phone too close to Effie that much of the time. With the Hush you can put it right next to your baby's ear with confidence.

All in all I think this is a fabulous little piece of equipment, one I wish I had, had from Effie's early days, I imagine it would be an absolute god-send for those first few weeks. It would make a great baby shower gift or gift for a Mum to be. I'm also finding it super useful at the moment, whilst Effie is struggling with teething and not so keen on naps! It can sometimes take a few moments for her to notice it if she's very upset, but I find that once she does it certainly has an impact and stops her crying for a little while.

You can find the Gro Hush available to purchase over on the Gro Company website.

**we were kindly sent the Gro Hush to review but all thoughts are our own.

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