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I've been in need of a new sunhat or about 2 years, ever since I managed to leave mine at Bristol Zoo on Milo's 2nd birthday.  So prior to our trip to Latitude at the end of July I decided it was high time I make myself one.
As the current (at the time) issue of Inside Crochet had a gorgeous hat on it's cover, it seemed meant to be.
Unfortunately first time round I made the mistake of getting started with some yarn leftovers without checking the actual yarn requirements, causing my first attempt to halt abruptly before the rim when I ran out of cotton.
For my second attempt I made sure I had plenty of yarn to complete the project.  Using some old cotton yarn I had stashed away, I'm afraid long since without labels, I got started and finished fairly quickly, I think the whole hat took me two evenings.
FO Friday :: Sunhat 
The colour probably wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'm trying to be good and use up what I have (though it's possible I made 3 new yarn purchases just this week! It's my birthday on Sunday that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).  But despite this the finished hat served me very well over the hot and sunny weekend at Latitude and has been out on a few excursions in the sunshine since.

Created by #Framatic on my iPhone, download it at in APP Store. 
The pattern itself is great, I love the shape of the hat and I especially like the contrasting coloured band idea, it looks fairly 20's on.  I'd quite like to make myself another one in a sagey green with cream band and maybe another in cream with a rainbow stripe band.  But hey I'm not a big hat wearer and in reality I probably don't need 3 of the same style hat.

FO Friday :: Sunhat

The pattern is Worthing Hat by Salena Baca from Issue 43 of Inside Crochet available :: here
My Ravelry notes are :: here.

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