Birthday ::

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Yesterday I turned 31...a fairly unimpressive birthday really in terms of age, but a wonderfully pleasant birthday in terms of celebrating.

Best birthday card(s) ever :)
Birthday :: 
It was fairly simple, yummy breakfast, with cards and gifts, out for lunch, lots of cake and visits from friends throughout the day, much knitting and a little bit of lego building with the boy!

Two cakes...  

I got lots of really lovely gifts, including a gorgeous bunch of lavender and rosemary, the Belle and Boo book of Craft and an especially beautiful necklace from Bex of Stuffed Nonsense just like this one (but in purple)

I spent a lot of the weekend working on knitting just for me, no work at all! It was really nice, but now it's back to work, in a week without any childcare, wish me luck.
Birthday ::

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