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As Christmas approaches, much quicker than I would like, obviously my thoughts are beginning to turn to all the shopping that needs to be done.  I had high hopes, as I do every year, of making all the gifts, but I think I forgot what having a newborn is actually like...

Every year I try my hardest to do all my shopping from independents, as someone who's usually in the same shoes as these folks, I know how precious each and every sale you make is. The best place to search out wonderfully unique and beautifully handcrafted gifts, in my opinion, is etsy, but it can be a bit overwhelming getting started in your searches. This is why I'm doing a series of fabulous gift ideas which can be purchased from etsy sellers in the UK, because it's also nice to shop 'local' and as Christmas draws closer shipping times from international sellers can become a little to close to the bone.

I'm starting the series with 'Gifts for Babies' (this list could also serve as a Christmas list for Effie!).

gifts for newborns

Click the little pictures at the bottom to go directly to listing, or click the big picture to see more gorgeous gifts from UK etsy sellers over on my pinterest board.

If you don't already have an etsy account, sign up here for a £5 gift voucher!

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