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Inspired by Xanthe Berkeley, this week I took time to capture our morning routine and share it on Instagram. Knowing how quickly these little things change I thought it was a really great opportunity to keep hold of these ordinary everyday moments to look back it when it's all different again.

Something I've learned this week about my routine is, it's super chilled. I'm sure that won't last of course. But at the moment, despite having 2 children, my morning is mostly spent in bed! I'm really lucky in that Johnny takes Milo to school on his way to work every day. Milo is very independent, since Effie joined us he slipped into his own morning routine, which mostly involves, playing Lego until Johnny gets up, then he gets his breakfast, brushes his teeth, gets himself dressed, gathers his essentials for the day, then comes up to read to me and Effie in bed. Apart from the occasional clothing correction (usually back-to-front trousers) being able to do all this by himself without any nagging, at 5, seems pretty spectacular to me. Though there was a morning this week where he was a little too eager and appeared at my bedside fully dressed (coat and all) ready to go at 7am, 2 hours before he needs to leave!

Effie generally wakes sometime between 8 and 9, I have coffee, watch the news and feed her. After that she'll generally sleep a little more, so I stay in bed a little longer too. At some point I manage a shower, she sits in her bouncy chair in the bathroom with me. After that the rest of the day begins.

I'd love to do this again next year, to see how much things have changed, a lot I'm sure as we'll be in the presence of a toddler by then!

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