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Since finding out that baby number 2 is going to be a girl, I won't lie, I have been getting a little excited about all the new clothing possibilities.  However on actually going out to investigate shopping options I found myself incredibly disappointed by the choices available to girls.

Throughout Milo's childhood I have complained endlessly about how girls have so much more choice than boys when it comes to the clothing departments and they certainly do, the girls departments are generally about two thirds bigger than the boys.  However since actually attempting to shop these departments I've found them so uninspiring, so full of frills and lace and pink.

After meeting Tilly of Tilly and Buttons last weekend and since then purchasing her book, I feel I may actually be able to sew some pieces for the little one myself.  Which has of course sent me into a pinterest binge-discovering the most wonderfully adorable patterns for little ones.  I've also found Plush Addict (via Tilly's blog) which is so full of beautiful fabrics.

Now to dust off my sewing machine and stock up on supplies :)

Here are a few of my favourites ::

Baby Sewing

Click the little pics at the bottom to see the source of the pics above and the big pic to see more of my sewing pins over on pinterest.

I would love to hear any recommendations you may have or any sewing for baby experiences you have.

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