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Now I'm getting back into regular blogging, I thought it would be nice (for me as much as anyone else!) to keep a little pregnancy diary here on the blog.
So I start today at 22 weeks.

(I really wanted to include a bump picture, but to be honest, could not get one I would be willing to share publicly!  I really need an assistant! Will see if I can get Milo to have a go for me next week.  So instead here's some shots of the baby knitting I've been indulging in. More on these next week.)

I'm really beginning to feel so much better now, I'm no where near as exhausted as I was back in those first few months.  All nausea has passed too.  Though there are new ailments to contend with, namely, dreadful, indigestion.  I suffered from this with Milo but to be honest had forgotten all about it.  Fortunately Joanne gave me a lifesaving tip at the weekend - chew gum.  Your saliva has natural neutralising qualities, which really does work incredibly well.

The only other problem I'm really enduring at the moment is what to wear.  I seem to be growing in a variety of places, not just my bump!  I'm sure this wasn't such an issue in my first pregnancy.
Almost all of my regular clothes are now much too much on the snug side.  I'm finding leggings, bump bands and maternity vests my best friends, but definitely feel the need to invest in some more appealing maternity wear.  If you have any suggestions of where to find such things I'd love to hear them.
Joy of Oh Joy has started a great video series on her blog this week, which tackles the whole issue of maternity wear fabulously.

Otherwise all is well.  She's moving about so much more now, it feels so strange compared to Milo, because I have an anterior placenta (at the front) meaning the movement feels so much more internal.  Johnny still has yet to feel any kicks as external movement is so rare.  Although Milo just felt her hiccupping, which was wonderful.

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