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1930's bathroom inspriations

The big thing I'm finding about renovating a house is all the decision making that you have to do. As we've never owned our own house before, let alone completely redesigned one, we are not used to even having to choose paint colours, let alone flooring, tiles, bathroom suites, radiators and so many more little and big things I never even thought about before. Add this new found decision making to a couple who have incredibly different tastes and a need to get things done as quickly as possible and it makes for all sorts of problems! Fortunately, the kitchen is remaining as it is until after we've moved in, so our biggest deadline for reaching agreement on styles and design, is the bathroom. As the house retains so much of it's original 1930s features, I'd love to create a bathroom that reflects this. Either with minty wall tiles, edged in black with a black and white floor or tiled walls reminiscent of the early underground stations, with brickwork style tiling in white with a bright teal row around the bottom. Johnny is not a fan of either of these ideas, so whilst we continue in our attempts to find something we both agree on, here are a few of my favourites that he so passionately dislikes! 
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1930's bathroom inspriations

1930's bathroom inspriations

1930's bathroom inspriation

Enough dreaming, I must return to the important radiator debate!

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