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Many years ago, before we had Instagram or pinterest, I attempted a crafting 365. Back in those days this kind of photo sharing task took place on Flickr and on my blog. I can't remember how far into those 365 days I got, but I know that I did not manage to get to 365. However there is very very rarely a day that goes by where I do not craft. It would not be difficult for me to craft every day for 365 days, even if I only manage a couple of stitches on a row of knitting, some kind of crafting will take place. The tricky part is remembering to take a few moments to capture what I'm working on and share it.

So I'm going to have another go at the whole 365 days of crafting challenge. Now I have a camera on my person at all times (in the form of my phone) another addition to our lives since back when I attempted this the first time round, I feel this should be a simpler task.

I'll be sharing daily photos on Instagram, with a weekly update over here.

Fancy joining in? Please do, I'd love some moral support! Simply share your daily craft over on Instagram and hashtag #crafting365 so we can all admire each others handiwork.

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