Back Again....

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After another unexpected absence (well longer than intended anyway) I am back, and I have now finished work and gone on my maternity leave so fully intend to be a good girl and post everyday!

I had a lovely time in Portugal with my family, it was great to spend some time with my nieces before I get too big fat or distracted with my own baby to play so much.

The weather wasn't fantastic, it rained quite a lot, but although it wasn't all that warm either it was a whole lot warmer than it is back here!!!

As you can see above the lemon tree in my Dads garden grows the most amazingly over sized lemons!!

Although to be completely honest most of where we stayed and what we saw was very much orientated towards British tourists, we did go to a couple of a beautiful more typically Portuguese towns.

Oh and we went to the Marine Zoo which was great...partly because there were hardly any other people there at all!!

My favourite of all, the manatee.

It was lovely to have a break, but returning to none so lovely British weather of the last few days was quite a contrast!!

Happy Saturday all xxx

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