And What a Creative Couple We Are!

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Just a quick blog today as I have a day of baking and sewing planned, however I have to do all the boring cleaning and tidying chores first (yuck).
I'm afraid that once again I haven't been at my most productive this week, mostly due to spending to much time out and about Oxford, with friends. I did however make some lovely little ninjas for the U.K. Etsy Challenge. I don't have any pictures yet and I'm saving the launch until tomorrow morning anyhow!

It was mine and the lovely Graeme's 4 years of being together and 2 years of being engaged (I know, I know, that's like forever but we absolutely cannot agree on wedding plans!) celebrations of Thursday.

We had a lovely dinner out and then went to see a friends band. It was a very lovely yet relaxed evening.

We also exchanged these gifts....

I made this for him, it's only a tiny quilt, but it's to take away on tour and for recording, mostly so he'll have something to keep him warm when he's kipping on strangers floor boards, or travelling in the van!
And for me....

Graeme painted this picture here. I really love it, especially as he only took up painting a couple of weeks ago, and prior to this has no artistic training (he didn't even do GCSE art). So am very proud and impressed!

Have a lovely Saturday all, will back tomorrow with ninja news!

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