A Very Productive Saturday

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Well after achieving so little during the rest of the week, I spent yesterday making up for it!
We got up early and I did my usual first activity of the day - check shop! Did all the rubbishy weekend chores (yuck!), then we took Tarty for a big long walk. We've been looking after Tarty for a friend off and on for a while now, but recently it's become more permanent, which makes Graeme very very happy! Once again we discovered more wonders in our little village including some woodland and a lovely canal side pub.

When we got back all windswept and cold we had a perfect winter lunch of soup and fresh bread. Graeme went off to band practice and I set about making sugar cookies (after a little kip on the sofa with Tarty of course).

They don't look as pretty as the pretend ones I made from polymer clay but they sure do taste better!

I also made some purses...

Here are some other things that made me happy this week,

Some new supplies that I can't really afford, but hey-ho, it's nearly payday!

Some very lovely smelliness I received from Lush Box Inc on Friday.

And on top of everything else, I reached my sales target for this month a whole week early! So in honour of this I purchased this lovely needle felting kit from Yarn punk. I can't wait for it to arrive I've been dieing to have a go since I saw examples at the craft fair I went to in Birmingham.

Hope you all had lovely weekends.

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