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Oh my, I am starting to get big now.  I'm finding things more and more difficult, simple tasks like picking something up off the floor, require all sorts of odd movements and body arranging.  I'm also struggling more and more with back pains.  The physiotherapist gave me some great advice and exercises to do, which have helped a lot, but walking is becoming a real problem for me now.  I'm hoping if I just keep going things will be OK.
Otherwise all is well, I'm getting lots of Braxton Hicks, but I'm generally coping well with the heat, despite being asked about 10 times a day questions along the lines of 'how are you coping in this heat', 'I bet your struggling with this heat' etc...
I think I must also look HUGE because at least once a day a stranger will now say to me 'oooh not long now' to which I have to respond, 8 more weeks, much to their surprise! I don't actually think I look 'about to pop' big, but I guess people just don't realise quite how big you get when carrying a baby.

I'm still not quite as prepared as I should be really.  My hospital bag is not packed (I haven't even obtained all the necessary to fill it yet), but I do now have the moses basket ready and in place.  I still need to purchase a mattress but I'm hoping there's plenty of time for that.  I really must get everything in place soon though, as my sister keeps reminding me, she went into labour at 32 weeks with her first and gave birth at 34 weeks, although it seems unlikely, it isn't impossible!

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