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Whoa...down to single figures now!

So I think I may have jinxed myself last week with all that talk of how wonderful I was feeling.  This week has not been so great.  I've really really struggled with back pain, it started on Sunday and it seems to have got progressively worse as the week has gone on.  It's an odd pain about halfway up my back. It's fairly constant, though much worse if I'm walking, when it tends to spread around my front too.  The only real relief I'm managed to find for it so far is to lie down with a hot water bottle under the offending area.  I'm sure you can imagine this isn't the most comfortable way to be in this mini heat wave we're having.  I remember having this same pain when I was pregnant with Milo but I really don't remember it being quite so bad.  Fortunately I'm off to see the physiotherapist this morning. I'm really hoping she has some kind of miracle cure for me, as I'm so looking forward to the summer holidays and all the fun things we have planned.

On a brighter note all this gorgeous sunshine means I'm really get through washing all the baby things in anticipation of her arrival.  I still have a lot to organise, a hospital bag to pack and a whole lot of essentials to buy, but I'm feeling a little bit better about all that now I at least have some clothes all washed and ready for her to wear.  I also discovered yesterday that I've been booked in for an extra scan at 34 weeks, I have no idea why this is, as far as I'm aware there have absolutely no problems with her growth etc. so far, but it'll be lovely to see her again before the big day.

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