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(Sorry this post is a bit late)

Thinking about names.  Johnny and I seem to be having the same problem we had with Milo, which is mainly Johnny doesn't seem to like any.  Well certainly not any I suggest anyway.
I know I've still got 14 weeks to go and I don't intend to have a 'set in stone', name in place before the baby's born,  I certainly won't be calling my bump by anything other than 'her', 'she' or 'the baby' until she arrives, but a shortlist would be nice.
With Milo we had 2 choices by the time he was born, Milo and Darwin.  The entire day he was born Johnny referred to him as Winston.  I think we really knew he was going to be Milo much before that though.  Darwin was shelved but became a middle name instead along with Johnny's Mum's surname, Thom.  As he's got a double barrelled surname he does have quite a lot of names now, but he seems happy with them.

We always said we would use my Mum's maiden name as a middle name if we had a girl, Lilley.  So we'll definitely be using that, but otherwise we're mostly pretty stumped.
There are a couple of names Johnny likes but I'm not keen on. A lot I like, but Johnny hates and Milo really wants to call her Willow so he can call her Willy for short which of course he thinks is hilarious.
My main rule is that it doesn't appear in the current top 100.  I don't feel it needs to be a name that's massively obscure, but growing up as Vicki Brown, I never felt particularly memorable (don't get me wrong I really quite like my name now), but I knew another Vicki Brown in my school who even had a sister with the same name as mine.
I'm sure something will come up in time and whatever we decide will feel right, but until then I shall continue to holler names at Johnny over the dinner table until I get a couple of maybes.

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