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I've recently been going through my huge stash of yarn and in the process coming across all sorts of uncompleted projects.  I don't think this is any great surprise to fellow crafters, it's something I think we're all pretty good at (there was a woman at the craft night I used to attend who had a cardigan she had been knitting for 20 years, when she came in wearing the finished garment, the whole group burst in to applause) but I do think I'm probably particularly good at abandoning projects somewhere just past the middle.  So in an effort to inspire me to finish them, I thought it a good idea to put them in my ravelry notebook (a lot of these were started long before I joined ravelry!) and blog about them here, therefore making them more obvious to me than when they are hidden inside a big old box of yarn!

So here goes, here is the first!

First Granny Blanket ::

The first ever granny blanket I started making, possibly the first ever granny square I made, and certainly the first project I purposely went out to choose yarn for.  The original pattern and idea came from Erika Knights 'Simple Crochet', which was also the first crochet book I owned.

First Granny Blanket ::

It's not even like there is an awful lot left to do on this poor neglected blanket!  All I need to do is edge a few of the squares in the navy and then put them all together.  At some point I've even weaved in all of the ends.

Really there is no excuse for this pure neglect!  I now even have a little boy who's bed will be perfect for a snuggly blue granny blanket like this, it's very strange to think how much my life has changed since I started it!

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