Why more ninjas of course...

Posted by vicki brown on

Seeing as the buy one get one free sale in my shop has quite depleted my stock of ninjas quite substantially, yesterday I made a few more...

Not as many as I'd have liked as I'm running very short on polymer clay, I didn't make it to the craft shop yesterday and unfortunately it's closed today, however I'm going to do my best to create what I can with what I have left though!

I also made this little man, who I love...

He doesn't have a weapon as I was a little bit worried that if were going to thrown around in handbags and pockets amongst a whole load of keys the sword/nunchucks/throwing star might not do all that much to defend him in the end! But I'm quite happy about his simplicity. I'll see how in fares in the shop, but hopefully I'll be making more in the future.

I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend...think I'm going to have a lovely lazy Sunday here.


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