what I sowed on march 1st...

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...yesterday I  sowed a few more seeds....

  • chives

  • red pear tomatoes

  • orange berry tomatoes

  • costoluto florentino tomatoes

  • tigerella tomatoes

  • ildi tomatoes

  • san marzano tomatoes

  • cucumber

  • hot chilli

  • thyme

  • mustard 

gardening 01.03.10

I put the cucumber, thyme and chilli under a propagator and put some cling film on top of the chive pot but the rest are open and all are currently sitting on various window sills around the house.  Milo and I go round every morning after breakfast watering those that need it and looking out for sprouts-so far there are none at all, even the mustard seeds don't seem to be doing anything yet. Of course it's still very early to be hoping to see anything I'm sure.

gardening 01.03.10

Today, whilst Milo had a super long nap (due to being up most of the night!), I started work on clearing the roof terrace.  It still had the very sad remnants of last years failed gardening up there.  I now have a lot of pots ready for new plants and quite a lot more space than I remembered there being.  I also have a few bulbs starting to emerge from pots that were left up there by the previous owners, which I'm looking forward to.

gardening 01.03.10

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