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A very happy (belated) halloween.  I hope everyone was super spooked and treated.

Milo as Max 

Milo and I had a fabulous time.  I had thought about throwing a party, but the reality of all that planning was just too much!  However I did make Milo his very first costume, we decided together to make a costume of Max, from 'Where the Wild Things Are', which is favourite book of everyone in this house.


In all honesty it wasn't too difficult to make and I'm quite impressed with the finished piece.  I simply traced around one of Milo's sleepsuits to make the main piece, added a hood, with ears, after reading a few tutorials on the subject, sewed in some whiskers (made from pipe cleaners).  Then I bought some furry yarn to crochet the tail and the fur trim on the crown, it almost certainly would have been easier to use furry fabric for this task, but the craft shop didn't have any in a suitable colour.  For the crown we very simply used an A4 piece of gold card, cut in a zig zag and stuck together.  There was going to be feet and hands and scepter, but you know sometimes life gets in the way of all these wonderful plans!

Milo as Max 

Either way Milo loves it and had a great time trick or treating with the other boys in the street.  We did have a last minute realisation that we had left Milo's crown on the postman pat van at the supermarket!  Literally 10 minutes before we left the house, fortunatley I had some left over gold card, so we whipped up another one and stuck a few strands of the furry yarn around the edge!  Not as good as the original but better than nothing (the pictures are with the original crown).

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