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We had a lovely weekend, trying to get out and make the most of the last couple of days of sunshine before today's storms took over.
Effie is now 2 weeks old, I'm feeling completely recovered, we're pretty settled into our new life and I'm happy enough with feeding to brave doing it outside the comfort of our home, slowly going mad inside the same 4 walls I'm now so eager to get out and about!  So that's exactly what we did.

Saturday we headed out to lunch at Cheltenham's newest eatery Bill's.  We tried it out the first weekend they opened, but weren't massively impressed, however after giving it another go I'd happily say we'll almost certainly be going back again. The food was really good, the risotto I had for my main was especially delicious, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff were really attentive and friendly.

On Saturday we headed down to the Cheltenham Literature Festival site. Being unsure of when the baby would arrive back when the tickets went on sale I held off buying any, then of course once Effie arrived I was much too preoccupied staring at her beautiful face.  Therefore I missed out on tickets for all the wonderful events I was super keen to go to. I guess there's always next year. We still had fun exploring the site and fortunately Milo gets to go up with the school tomorrow to attend one of the children's events.

We had a lovely weekend, today I'm bunkering down, spending the day snuggling with my gorgeous girl and keeping well and truly inside out of the wind and the rain.
Here's to a lovely week to you all.

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