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We had another pretty lazy weekend this week. Friday night saw our local cricket clubs big firework display. As the cricket pitch is literally at the end of our road, we stayed home and watched from our doorstep with some of our neighbours. I had great plans of mulled cider, toffee apples and popcorn, but I also got it into my head that the display was Saturday night not Friday, so instead we ordered pizza and made do with left over halloween treats.

On Saturday Milo and I went out to lunch then made up for it's absence the previous evening, by making popcorn and mulled cider (apple juice) in the evening. The rest of the day was mostly Lego and watching the Simpsons.

Sunday Milo decided we should start our Christmas shopping, I'm not entirely sure why, but off we popped into town. We didn't get a lot done but we made a start. I also got Milo a gorgeous new hoodie, which he positively hates, as can be seen in the photo below. Though he has assured me he'll wear it if makes me happy!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a fabulous week.

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