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A couple of weeks ago I took my first trip to Wonderwool, it was all very exciting, but unfortunately I was pretty penniless at the time.  As I couldn't splurge out on all the stacks of yarn that took my fancy, I decided it best to find a pattern first, then purchase yarn specifically for that purpose.

So I took myself off to Rock & Purl, where I got myself a copy of the lovely Vitamin C.  I then spent the rest of the afternoon hunting out the perfect yarn.

I found myself a gorgeous colourway from Fyberspates and cast on the moment I go home.

As it turned out I didn't quite have enough yarn for the project, so I had to miss out a couple of rows at the end and I had to cast off pretty tight to avoid running out too soon, but I still love it.

Vitamin C by @rockandpurl knit in @fyberspates vivacious, blocking in the sun

The pattern was a dream to work from, though I did struggle with the dropped stitches (but this is probably because this was my first time) and the yarn is outright gorgeous! The colours are just amazing.

With this pretend springtime we've been having it's been living round my neck since it came off the blocking boards.

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